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If you are considering the use of a hearing aid, you might be interested in what other consumers have to say about their experiences. According to the latest MarkeTrak survey released by the Better Hearing Institute (published in June 2015), more than four in five survey respondents (81 percent) indicated that they were satisfied with their hearing instruments. This response confirms the notion that hearing instruments are positively affecting their relationships, work performance, general ability to communicate, overall quality of life, and ability to participate in group activities. It is also worth noting that, while those aged 65 and older are most likely to use a hearing instrument, individuals aged 35 and under with hearing impairments are not far behind.  

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P.S. The MarkeTrak IX survey mentioned above also found that most individuals with hearing difficulty have a “bilateral loss” (74%), which means they experience hearing loss in both ears that is best corrected by wearing a hearing aid in each ear.

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