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Today’s digital hearing aids sample the sounds in the user’s environment and use that data to continually adjust the sound that the user hears in accordance with his or her hearing loss. Because this all happens instantaneously and automatically, the user does not have to make manual adjustments. With this technology in hand, manufacturers are able to provide technology that addresses one of the biggest complaints voiced by users of hearing aids: feedback. This annoying whistling sound occurs when the sound that travels through a microphone to speakers is continuously picked up by the microphone and re-amplified. By canceling out this unwanted noise, manufacturers are able to defeat feedback without compromising performance.

Selecting the type of hearing aid that is right for your hearing loss and unique listening needs requires the guidance of a professional well versed in all of variations of hearing aid technology. To schedule a hearing assessment, please call us. Here you’ll find a wide variety of hearing aids in many colors, shapes, and sizes. We are also well stocked in hearing aid accessories.

P.S. A traditional analogue hearing aid simply amplifies all sounds, while digital aids have “multi-memory settings” that allow a hearing aid to perform differently in many specific hearing environments.

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