It’s all in your head

Because “tinnitus” (ringing in the ears) is commonly associated with noise-induced hearing loss, it should come as little surprise that at least 360,000 people in Canada suffer from this chronic condition. Fortunately, we can help! The first step in addressing the problem, is to see an Audiologist for an ear exam and hearing test. If ringing in the

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The Most Popular Feature

Today’s digital hearing aids sample the sounds in the user’s environment and use that data to continually adjust the sound that the user hears in accordance with his or her hearing loss. Because this all happens instantaneously and automatically, the user does not have to make manual adjustments. With this technology in hand, manufacturers are

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Positive Feedback

If you are considering the use of a hearing aid, you might be interested in what other consumers have to say about their experiences. According to the latest MarkeTrak survey released by the Better Hearing Institute (published in June 2015), more than four in five survey respondents (81 percent) indicated that they were satisfied with

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What’s your style?

Forty-five to 50 years ago, eyeglass- and body-style hearing instruments were the most popular types of hearing instruments worn by individuals with hearing loss. Since that time, there have been a number of technical advancements that have led to shifts in preferred styles of hearing instruments. Today, eyeglass- and body-style hearing instruments account for only

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Less Slippery Slope

Individuals with a high-frequency hearing loss generally have hearing test results that resemble a ski slope. This type of hearing loss, the most common configuration seen by audiologists, is quite prevalent among those who have age-related hearing loss as well as those with a noise-induced hearing loss. Fortunately, it is also very responsive to treatment

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